CBN Grinding Wheel


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cubic boron nitride

or CBN is a new form of coating for grinding and sharpening tools. A ceramic grain that is almost as hard as Diamond but its thermal and chemical stability is superior, this means it is a better material to use for the sharpening of HSS (High Speed Steel) tools.

These outstanding wheels, which have an almost indefinite life if treated with respect, are used in place of a standard grinding wheel on a 6″ or 8″ high speed grinder. Thanks to the nature of the bonding of CBN and the steel hub, the wheels can be used dry without coolant and so are perfect for the workshop


Very little pressure is needed to sharpen a tool, the weight of the tool alone being enough in most cases…which means so blue burning on existing tools and a beautifully sharp edge.


Available in a number of Grit gauges,from rough to smooth


Dimensions : 6″ X 1″ X 1/2″

Additional information

Grit Gauge

80, 180, 240, 400


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