Chisel Set (6 Set)




David Lloyd Tools Carbide Tipped Chisel Set (Set of 6)


  • Diamond Tipped
  • Circular Tipped
  • Square Tipped (2 Degree)
  • Square Tipped (90 Degree)
  • Bent Chisel
  • Bowl Buster

Carbide Tipped

British Steel

  • ~18 Inches Long (45cm)
  • ~9.5 Inch (24cm) Handle (Customizable Length if requested)
  • ~7.5Inch (19cm) British Steel 10 cm Shaft
  • ~1.2Inch (3cm) Fixed locking cuff

Set combination perfect for all types of wood turning.

Bent Chisel, perfect addition for bowl clearing and turning reaching right into the interior¬† with added bonus of heavy duty “Bowl Buster” Chisel


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