Chisel Set (6 Set)




David Lloyd Tools Carbide Tipped Chisel Set (Set of 6)


  • Diamond Tipped
  • Circular Tipped
  • Square Tipped (2 Degree)
  • Square Tipped (90 Degree)
  • Bent Chisel
  • Bowl Buster

Carbide Tipped

British Steel

  • ~18 Inches Long (45cm)
  • ~9.5 Inch (24cm) Handle
  • ~7.5Inch (19cm) British Steel 10 cm Shaft
  • ~1.2Inch (3cm) Fixed locking cuff

Set combination perfect for all types of wood turning.

Bent Chisel, perfect addition for bowl clearing and turning reaching right into the interior  with added bonus of heavy duty “Bowl Buster” Chisel


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